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Dermatology & Cosmetology - Adonis has a vast range of products in this segment to deal with skin related symptoms and provide better cure for the patients. We provide quality medicines and also organize camps for patient education and benefits.

Women’s Health - As we all know that women are the most important part of society. Thinking of woman in any aspects of life whether be it mother, sister, daughter or wife they all supports us in many ways without thinking about their health. We in Adonis take women health as very important and serious task. We keep in mind about their strength and immunity by providing quality medicines to keep them healthy.

Osteoporosis - One of the common bone related problem in elderly and women, we provide best medicines which offer protection to weak bones. We in Adonis believes that strong and healthy bones makes person more self dependant for mobility whatever their age or sex maybe.

Gastroenterology - We humans have a tendency to eat anything which feels good in taste without thinking of the side effects. Junk food is quite popular among all age group of people which leads to lots of stomach related problems. So need no to change the food you like. Eat what you like, Adonis is there to protect your stomach.

Urology - Elderly people often fall prey to bad effects of their excretory system. Few of them suffer from Urinary Tract Infection or Prostatic problems. We in Adonis take care of such issues and offer quality medicines to these patients and improve Quality of Life.

General Medicines - Adonis also takes care of general problems of patients by offering quality medicines at affordable prices. We strongly believe that Serving Humanity is Serving God.