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Adonis employs selected professionals not just for their experience and knowledge but for their honesty and dedication to make a difference to the world of healthcare. The company believes that our biggest assets are the employees, who lead us to prosperity and growth in the future. We work under one goal Serving Humanity is Serving God.

Working at Adonis:

Adonis does not just give you a job, it takes pride in helping you build a career for yourself by giving you opportunities to learn, perform and grow. We offer a healthy environment for the employees under one motto “WE ARE FAMILY”. We provide competitive environment for the individuals where everyone can utilize their skills and grow their careers. There are lots of ample opportunities for individual who has the zeal to achieve success and fly high where sky is no limit.

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Adonis Phytoceuticals Pvt.Ltd. always keep in mind the well being of employees which are most important assets of company. We believe in values of strong healthy working ethics with transparency, quality and respect for self and company.
If you really have a strong desire to be successful and want to help the mankind, mail us your resume to